Hello. My name is Paul Newcombe, author of the award-winning poetry book, The Bard of Biscuit City: A Romantic New Age Mystery Rhyme.

This is my newsletter and the destination of my upcoming serialized book, Forest of Faith. It is the unfolding story of my soul’s healing journey.. 

Forest of Faith blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction, both imaginary and autobiographical in ways I can’t yet fully articulate.

I will be writing it here on Substack and also sharing excerpts from The Bard of Biscuit City. The latter is a largely unknown book of humour, an allegorical lament self-published in early 2019 that predicted both The Coronoavirus Pandemic and the January 6th Capitol Hill Insurrection in Washington, D.C. I’m proud of that. My intuition was on when I was writing. There is a third prediction in the finale and we will soon find out whether it comes to pass.

It contains 22 original characters and is written in verse. Think Shakespeare meets Monty Python meets King Arthur’s court in a place called Biscuit City. And the mystery is who is The Bard of Biscuit City?

It’s a lot of fun and Available on Amazon.

Forest of Faith and this newsletter are works in progress and I hope to write other non-fiction pieces as well on subjects ranging from spirituality to politics to sports concussions (I’ve had around 8) and mental health, so should you choose to subscribe, your patience will be very much appreciated.

Those will probably be on my Bard of BC Blog.

I’m a former mental health professional with an education in psychology and journalism. I studied the latter in the early 1980s and was blessed to have had some brilliant teachers: Nick Russell, Gerry Porter and most notably my investigative journalism prof, the late Bob Hunter, co-founder of Greenpeace

Robert Lorne Hunter (October 13, 1941 – May 2, 2005) was a Canadian environmentalist, journalist, author and politician. It was an honour and privilege to be his student. We had a unique relationship and I will be sharing that story here too. 


These days I enjoy writing, acting, photography and playing my guitar.

I am picking up playing the piano too, slowly but surely. The dream of playing in a rock and roll band is still alive! Life is short. Give your best and go for it.

Above: A screen cap of a 2020 Super Bowl commercial for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre Called “Minutes Matter.” I played a heart attack victim in a cafe. It was narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch but unfortunately is not up on Youtube anymore. I started acting in October 2019 and did three commercials before the pandemic hit. If I never get a chance to do another, this is the one I’m glad I did.

“You have the power to save a life.” Get educated. Learn CPR and First Aid. A life near yours may count on it.

Hope you enjoy your stay and please feel free to say hi!

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